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Monthly review, Vol. VIII

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October 7 2010


  1. WOFF on the Moon

    As astronomers discover a new extrasolar habitable planet, Internet Explorer 9 discovers Web Open Font Format (and a new logo). To celebrate the IE 9 beta launch, Friends of Mighty showcase its new typographic capabilities in Lost World’s Fairs. Next stop: The Moon, 2040.

  2. Interbrand announces the planet’s top brands for 2010

    Interbrand’s annual report on the world’s most valuable brands. Not surprisingly Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, and Google top the charts.

  3. Earth (The Book)

    Pentagram designs Earth, a new book by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

  4. In z-space…

    Designers can rap: “Gettin’ Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen.”

  5. Extreme carrots

    CP+B go extreme with the first-ever baby carrots branding campaign.

  6. Helvetica and the moon

    Set at 282.6 billion points, Helvetica could reach the moon.

  7. Human lanscapes

    With the help of Google Earth, The Big Picture takes a look at boom-and-bust residential development in Southwest Florida.

  8. Technology and productivity

    With advancements in technology (like web conferencing and mobile devices), are we more productive workers?

  9. The Movie Icons

    Timo Meyer reduces classic films into a set of icons. Pictured above: The Village, Telefon, Jaws, The Thin Red Line, and more.

  10. Supersized typographic mural

    Pentagram’s Paula Scher designs a 2,430 square foot mural for the new Metropolitan Campus in Queens, NY.

  11. Colors of the web

    Colorlovers map the colors behind the top 100 web brands.

  12. Back to school

    Aaron Heth looks back on his four years at design school.

  13. Trapped in a mine

    What if everything you needed to survive had to fit through this space?

  14. Designing a better subway map

    Designers take it upon themselves to improve the NYC subway map.

  15. iTunes drops the compact disc

    The iTunes 10 icon marks its most significant change since 1998.

  16. Homemade is Best

    A visual cookbook from Ikea with photos by Carl Kleiner.

  17. Coco’s new ’do

    Conan O’Brien unveils the logo for his upcoming show on TBS.

  18. New Type York

    Radar covers James Patrick Gibson’s New Type York project.

  19. Linotype: The Film trailer

    A documentary about Mergenthaler’s amazing typesetting machine.

  20. Inside BMW’s brand

    A glimpse inside the BMW brand book, designed by Joe Doucet.

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