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July 6 2010


  1. Deepwater Horizon, among the world’s worst

    BP’s Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig exploded April 20th, killing 11 workers, and continues to leak as much as 60,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico each day. Positioned among the world’s worst over a month ago, the spill has now become the largest in the Gulf’s history (and U.S. history). A group of design and technology companies have come together to create Kill the Spill, raising funds to help wildlife affected by the disaster.

  2. World Cup for soccer-obsessed designers

    It’s hard to escape the excitement of the World Cup. For soccer-obsessed designers, NYC’s Hyperakt created a poster to commemorate the event.

  3. Tobias Wong dies at 35

    The New York Times discusses the life of designer Tobias Wong.

  4. Stop worrying about pirates

    TypeTogether discusses piracy and fonts on the Web.

  5. End of another design magazine

    Grafik magazine is shut down by its publisher.

  6. Can design rejuvenate a city?

    Detroit, a city that has suffered such highs and lows, calls for change.

  7. Cleaning up graphic road kill

    Following New York State’s unfavorable refresh, Fast Company asks four designers to re-imagine the license plate.

  8. Managing fonts

    Unless your name is Massimo, chances are you have more than three or four typefaces. idsgn asks four type experts how they manage their collection.

  9. When ampersands go wrong

    Shit Ampersand collects the ‘worst ampersand designs in typographic history,’ including those found in Bradley Hand ITC, Ponderosa Std, ITC American Typewriter, and others.

  10. 2010 National Design Awards

    Cooper-Hewitt announces the winners of its 2010 National Design Awards, including Stephen Doyle for Communication Design (work pictured above).

  11. Typeface (the film) and idsgn spread a little letterpress love

    Typeface is out on DVD and idsgn readers can save 15% until July 31 (coupon TFIDSGN0710). Also, congrats to our #iloveletterpress winner!

  12. End of movable type in China

    Movable type is no longer sustainable in its country of origin.

  13. Redesigning the coffee cup

    Core77 announces the winners of the Betacup design competition.

  14. A rational approach

    Dwell visits the supersleek Berlin home of typographer Erik Spiekermann, featuring a 2-story bookshelf with remote-controlled mountaineer’s harness.

  15. Inventing a new crutch

    Aeron chair apprentice Jeff Weber invents a new crutch.

  16. Where no logo has gone before

    BaseDesign re-imagines the NASA logo for the future.

  17. Mid-century posters uncovered

    Renovations at a London tube station uncover posters circa 1956—59.

  18. 3 letters, 48 hours, 1 logo

    The story behind CNN’s logo, designed in 1980 for under $3,000.

  19. Bigger screen, same typography

    Khoi Vinh discusses typography with iPhone 4’s Retina Display.

  20. Type talk a in crime novel?

    Popular typeface Gotham becomes a plot point in The Scarpetta Factor.

  21. Posters for Haiti

    Support Haiti with this poster by idsgn contributor Josh Smith.

  22. Dot-font: talking about design

    Typography legend John D Berry offers Dot-font as a free download.

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