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Monthly review, Vol. XXVII

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May 3 2012


  1. The Shape of Design

    After being successful funded on Kickstarter last year, Frank Chimero releases his book on the whys of design.

  2. Remembering Hillman Curtis

    The creative community loses a multi-talented inspiration.

  3. How design works

    Wells Riley gives a useful overview of design for startups and non-designers.

  4. The Metrocard Project

    School of Visual Arts student Melanie Chernock reimagines the New York City Metrocard in this ongoing design project.

  5. AIGA (Un)Justified

    Paula Scher criticizes the AIGA on changes to their annual competition.

  6. Wayfinding Sans

    Ralf Herrmann discussses signage typography and his new typeface Wayfinding Sans.

  7. Design is a Job

    Mike Monteiro gives fellow designers advice on working with clients.

  8. The Peoples Pennant

    Not your average print, designers take on the traditional felt pennant to celebrate your next coffee break or pizza party.

  9. Neue Haas Grotesk

    Type designer Christian Schwartz revives the Helvetica predecessor.

  10. Glaser distills wisdom

    Milton Glaser pens In Search of the Miraculous or One Thing Leads.

  11. Brooklyn Nets

    NBA team Brooklyn Nets unveil a new logo reportedly designed by Jay Z.

  12. TYPO San Francisco

    Swissmiss, Joshua Davis, and Mike Monteiro talk design at TYPO.

  13. World’s longest invoice

    The Freelancers Union tally up the cost of deadbeat clients.

  14. Chip Kidd speaks at TED

    “Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is.”

  15. Books for designers

    Rick Poynor suggests 20 books every designer should read.

  16. Memo Book Archive

    Field Notes pays homage to American agricultural memo books.

  17. FontShop Plugin

    FontShop lets you take 150,000 fonts for a test drive in Photoshop.

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