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Monthly review, Vol. XXII

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December 7 2011


  1. Georgia and Verdana are back (and grown up)

    We first shared the news over 2 years ago, and the wait is finally over. Typeface designer Matthew Carter talks to Co. Design about the redesign.

  2. The very first Macintosh icons

    An inside look at the first Macintosh icon sketches by designer Susan Kare.

  3. Hoefler talks webfonts

    Jonathan Hoefler discusses “Type at the Crossroads” at AIGA Pivot.

  4. 8 Faces #4

    The fourth installment of typographic magazine 8 Faces is out now.

  5. Earth from space

    Michael König creates a breathtaking high-definition timelapse of Earth, as seen by the International Space Station.

  6. Catvertising

    To stay on top of the ever-changing advertising landscape, Canadian agency John St. opens the world’s first cat video division.

  7. Magazines’ first covers

    From TIME to Vogue, debut covers from popular magazines.

  8. Has Hollywood lost its creativity?

    French blogger Christophe Courtois compares hundreds of Hollywood movie posters to find common and overused themes.

  9. Mixel

    From Khoi Vinh comes Mixel, an iPad app that merges art and social media.

  10. CopyPasteCharacter

    Ever find yourself looking for the copyright symbol? Or perhaps a Unicode snowflake? CopyPasteCharacter from Konst & Teknik & Martin has you covered.

  11. The kiss off

    United Colors of Benetton looks to shock with their “Unhate” advertising campagin.

  12. Saul bass & the title sequence

    New York Times on how Saul Bass revolutionized the film title sequence.

  13. Little Printer

    London design studio BERG creates a device that prints mini-newspapers.

  14. Marathon sketching

    Christoph Niemann live-sketches the New York City Marathon.

  15. Music videos & jelly beans

    Stop motion music video made with 288,000 jelly beans over 1,357 hours.

  16. Presidencia Sans

    The Mexican government has a new typeface thanks to Kimera Type.

  17. Don’t buy apps with ugly logos…

    Tips Grandma never gave, from Spanish designer Chacho Puebla.

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