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October 3 2011


  1. Another day, another dropshadow

    The Design Bureau of Amerika captures “a day in the life of graphic designer” in poster form. Sound familiar?

  2. Bordo Bello

    Designers from Debbie Millman to Friends of Type (pictured) submit skateboard designs for AIGA Colorado’s annual fundraiser.

  3. A subscription service for wonderful things

    Quarterly Co. sends you curated gifts from influential designers and cultural figures, including Swissmiss, The Fox is Black, and more.

  4. Infographic clichés

    Alberto Antoniazzi compiles an infographic of infographic clichés.

  5. The impact of confidence

    idsgn’s Josh Smith takes a look the working relationship between Paul Rand and Steve Jobs, and Jobs’ unique appreciation for the value of design.

  6. Human Rights logo unveiled

    The universal symbol is chosen from over 15,000 submissions.

  7. Branding 10,000 lakes

    Nicole Meyer embarks on a 27-year side project, designing a logo for each of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. One day at a time.

  8. Write a bike

    Paris-based Swiss designer Juri Zaech imagines a typographic bike.

  9. Past and future of famous logos

    From IBM to Starbucks, compiles a collection of logo evolutions with humorous predictions for future redesigns.

  10. Made by Hand

    Made by Hand is a film project celebrating handcrafted goods.

  11. Urbanized trailer

    Gary Hustwit releases the trailer for his new documentary Urbanized.

  12. Helvetica Face

    Helvetica Face renders your face as the letter of your choice.

  13. Average font

    Moritz Resl overlays 900 typeface in his library to create an “average” font.

  14. The Permanent Mark

    New York design firm COLLINS commemorates 9/11.

  15. Typographic tape

    Stephen Doyle creates typographic installations for a NY Times story.

  16. “You can do it, we can help”

    New Condoms puts a suggestive slant on popular brand slogans.

  17. New site for Wolff Olins

    Branding firm Wolff Olins launches a new website.

  18. Evolution of the Web

    Google launches an interactive timeline of Web technologies.

  19. Instagram in real life

    Stop it with those faux Instagram filters, learn how to create vintage photographs like a true hipster.

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