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Monthly review, Vol. XXVI

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April 5 2012


  1. Wind Map

    Data artists visualize the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the United States, showing the invisible, ancient source of energy that surrounds us.

  2. Typographic matchmaking

    For her MFA thesis project, Aura Seltzer creates Type Connection, a game that helps you learn how to pair typefaces.

  3. Turn your creative dial up to 11

    Jessi Arrington talks about self expression at Creative Mornings.

  4. DDC’s 50 point plan

    Meanwhile at Creative Mornings PDX, Draplin presents his 50 point plan.

  5. Hipster Branding

    Swiss designer Dave Spengeler reimagines popular brand logos.

  6. Handmade type

    Tien-Min Liao explores the relationships between upper-case letters and lower-case letters, and records the transformation between them.

  7. Scrabble for type geeks

    Forget News Gothic, play in style with Scrabble Typography Limited Edition.

  8. Timeline of manned NASA flights

    Inspired by an interview with Senator John Glen on NPR, mgmt design visualizes the history of space travel.

  9. Pixel pushers on the big screen

    Also by mgmt design, a guide to graphic designers played in movies.

  10. Brand New Awards

    Under Consideration announces winners of the 2011 BNAs.

  11. A brief history of the animated GIF

    PBS Off Book explores the history of one of the oldest image formats on the web, serving a variety of purposes from functional to entertainment.

  12. 53 launches Paper, a beautifully designed sketching app for iPad.

  13. GuideGuide

    Cameron McEfee takes the pain out of dealing with Photoshop grids.

  14. Dr. Seuss before he was Dr. Seuss

    JESS3 takes a look at Theodore Seuss Geisel’s work as an advertising illustrator before he became well known for his children’s books.

  15. Your city in logos

    Looking for the nearest Starbucks? CityMaps lets you browse your city by brands (New York, San Francisco, and Austin supported).

  16. Railroad logo evolution

    Christian Annyas compiles 100 logos from American railroad companies.

  17. Grand Central centennial

    Pentagram’s Michael Bierut designs a new logo for the iconic train terminal.

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