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Monthly review, Vol. XXI

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November 3 2011


  1. Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

    On October 5, 2011 visionary Apple CEO Steve Jobs lost his eight-year battle with cancer, his last words: ”Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” Among the many tributes, 19-year old designer Jonathan Mak Long’s logo silhouette gained widespread praise. Related: Steve Jobs and Paul Rand: The impact of confidence.

  2. Kern me

    Method of Action launch Kern Type, an immensely popular web-based kerning game. Meanwhile, Paul Shaw critiques its educational merit.

  3. Shape Type

    Method of Action follow Kern Type with an addictive letter shaping game.

  4. Adobe acquires Typekit

    Webfonts grow up as Adobe acquires webfont service Typekit.

  5. Thank a type designer

    What if every designer used the standard fonts we find on our computers? Ladd reminds us to thank a type designer.

  6. Type Fight

    Drew Roper and Ryan Paule battle it out in the typographic ring each week for the best looking letter.

  7. The CBS eye turns 60

    CBS celebrates 60 years of the ‘eye,’ designed by William Golden.

  8. Brand Thinking

    idsgn interviews Debbie Millman about her latest book.

  9. Brixton pound meets Rock'n'Roll

    Local currency in Brixton, UK is redesigned by This Ain't Rock'n'Roll to feature David Bowie and other local figures.

  10. “Real artists ship”

    Andrew Power turns this Steve Jobs quote into wallpaper and posters.

  11. Creative Mornings turns 3

    The breakfast lecture series grows to 17 chapters across the globe.

  12. Hand-lettered past

    Christian Annyas takes us back in time with defunct department store logos.

  13. The Division of Labor

    The Division of Labor make some clever prints for your walls.

  14. Choose your ipsum

    Growing collection of Lorem Ipsum alternatives, curated by idsgn.

  15. The future of car sharing

    Collaborative Fund and Hyperakt launch an interactive infographic on the future of car sharing.

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