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Monthly review, Vol. XXIX

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July 10 2012


  1. Movie poster colors

    Vijay Pandurangan examines color trends in movie posters from 1914 - 2012, visualizing the data in a poster of its own. Shown above: 1914 (top) - 1938.

  2. Microsoft re-imagined

    Following the announcement of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, design student Andrew Kim re-imagines the brand.

  3. Rebranding Canada

    Bruce Mau Design re-thinks Canada’s branding for Studio 360. The resulting campaign can be seen at

  4. Designing infographics

    Our very own Josh Smith gives Co.Design readers 10 pointers on designing amazing infographics.

  5. 30 new typefaces

    The Next Web highlights 30 new typefaces you need to know about, including Idlewild from H&FJ, Pluto Sans, Frontage (shown), and more.

  6. Is your font racist?

    Tao Jones questions the use of stereotypical typography.

  7. Science in Comic Sans

    CERN scientists presents their Higgs boson research in Comic Sans.

  8. The Nike Logo Project

    Nike showcases hundreds of logo variations used in the past 30 years.

  9. 100 iconic films

    Paramount Pictures celebrates 100 years with illustrations by DKNG.

  10. Introducing Symbolset

    The first truly semantic symbol font, replacing common terms with icons.

  11. Pantone Queen

    Pantone and Leo Burnett team up to create a color guide fit for a queen.

  12. The Hinglish Project

    India’s Ministry of Tourism teaches phonetic pronunciation via fonts.

  13. Jess & Russ

    Designers Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer put every engagement site ever made to shame.

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