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Monthly review, Vol. XXV

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March 8 2012


  1. Feltron 2010/2011 Biennial Report

    Nicholas Felton releases the latest installment in his annual reports, full of beautiful data visualizations.

  2. 2012 campaign logos

    Heller, Millman, and Twemlow weigh in on the U.S. presidential campaigns.

  3. It’s a window… not a flag

    Pentagram’s Paula Scher redesigns the iconic Microsoft Windows logo.

  4. Disruptive wonder

    Speaking at TEDx, Brooklyn-based designer Kelli Anderson inspires disruptive wonder through her work.

  5. Letters, numbers, & glyphs

    Chris Rushing draws letters, numbers, & glyphs and posts them to Tumblr.

  6. Unpaid internships?

    Thomas Wilder takes on the controversial subject.

  7. 100 best typefaces of all time

    Judged by type experts including Roger Black and Veronika Elsner, FontShop’s “100 Best Typefaces of All Time” is now available in Engligh.

  8. The Harriet series

    Okay Type releases The Harriet Series, a handsome new serif typeface set with 8 text and 12 display styles.

  9. Love is making its way back home

    Erez Horovitz directs a music video for Josh Ritter using 12,000 pieces of construction paper (and no post-production).

  10. Extreme Photoshop makeovers

    Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano gives famous artworks extreme Photoshop makeovers in her Venus project.

  11. 6 rules of movie poster design

    Travis Pitts nails the biggest design clichés in movie posters today.

  12. 60 girls with the dragon tattoo

    A look at how Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is branded across the globe.

  13. Introducing Dropmark

    Dropmark is a cloud collaboration and sharing app for creative professionals.

  14. New logo for AP

    Objective Subject redesigns the identity for Associated Press.

  15. Kern and Burn

    Kern and Burn curates discussions about design entrepreneurship.

  16. Cats as fonts

    20 fonts and the cats that clearly inspired them.

  17. Everything was made

    Designer and writer Frank Chimero launches a new website.

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