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Monthly review, Vol. XXIII

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January 4 2012


  1. 2011 in typefaces

    Get your credit card ready, the annual best-of font lists are here from FontShop and MyFonts.

  2. Veer veers

    Known for their tightly-curated font library, Veer restructures to increase emphasis on user-generated “micro-stock” images.

  3. Running a creative business

    Ben Chestnut of MailChimp speaks at Creative Mornings on creative culture and loving what you do.

  4. The Fundamental Elements of Design

    New York-based designer and animator Erica Gorochow wraps up the fundamentals of design in a 3 minute video.

  5. Ken Barber

    Gestalten interviews the talented Ken Barber of House Industries fame.

  6. Louis Silverstein dies at 92

    The celebrated New York Times art director passes away.

  7. A history of Western typefaces

    Mashable compiles an infographic on the history of Western typefaces. Some of the modern landmarks are off, but worth taking a look nonetheless.

  8. Triumph of the Commons

    55 artists and designers illustrate 55 theses in a new book.

  9. The Chicago Neighborhoods

    Steve Shanabruch brands Chicago neighborhoods out of love.

  10. Stamping business card

    Mikey Burton puts a new spin on the convention of the business card.

  11. LetterMpress

    LetterMpress recreates art and craft of letterpress on your iPad or Mac.

  12. No new logo for HP

    HP nixes rumors of a new logo that surfaced in December.

  13. Barbie goes Pantone

    The hottest toy of the year for Barbie and Pantone 219C-loving desginers.

  14. Nameless brands

    Robert Schoenberger discusses the recent trend of recognizable brands toying with their image.

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