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Monthly review, Vol. XVIII

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August 1 2011


  1. Tattoos for designers

    Designer and blogger swissmiss launches Tattly, temporary tattoos for designers with commitment issues.

  2. The Happy Film

    Stefan Sagmeister explores the state of happiness in an upcoming feature-length documentary, The Happy Film, co-directed by Hillman Curtis.

  3. Beautiful Swear Words

    Theo Olesen illustrates a beautiful swear word everyday (like this crap).

  4. Typefacial recognition

    H&FJ experiments with facial recognition as a way to design type.

  5. Infographics: Good and evil

    Josh Smith explores the responsibility designers have with infographics.

  6. TypeCon 2011 wrap up

    UPPERCASE wraps up the New Orleans type conference in five parts.

  7. Hamilton Wood Type + Target

    The mega-retailer join forces with the Wisconsin wood type museum to bring a different kind of style to the back-to-school crowd.

  8. Frank Chimero at Interlink

    Frank Chimero speaks on design, underpinning his forthcoming book.

  9. How camera lenses are made

    Leica gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a camera lens.

  10. 2011 Emmy-nominated titles

    Art of the Title compiles ‘Outstanding Main Title Design’ Emmy nominees.

  11. FontBook on iPad

    The comprehensive typographical reference FontBook is now on iPad.

  12. The forgotten work of Ladislav Sutnar

    Steven Heller looks into the forgotten work of Ladislav Sutnar, a pioneer of information design and precursor of web design.

  13. How many cameras does it take to make a music video?

    Japanese band Androp uses 250 Canon DSLR cameras to create a innovative music video. Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes making of.

  14. London 2012 medal design

    With one year to go, London unveils its Olympic medal design.


    A new site for designers to create, share, and explore infographics.

  16. How close is too close?

    Andrew E. Clark asks “how close is too close?” after Idaho’s Burger Express is hit by legal threat from California’s In-N-Out.

  17. The ColorClock

    A clock that represents time in hexadecimal colors, by Jack Hughes.

  18. The color of summer

    The Color Of uses image data from Flickr to find the color of anything.

  19. “The end of client services”

    Khoi Vinh explains why he created a startup instead of a consultancy.

  20. A metropolis of dinky cars

    Co. Design on Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, a city of 1,100 toy cars.

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