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May 4 2011


  1. One Day for Design

    On April 13, 2011, AIGA brought designers together for #1D4D, an online dialogue on the meaning and future of design. Within 24 hours, more than 30,000 tweets were posted by nearly 3,900 people. AIGA says it will use this information to evolve and “better serve the needs of the design community.”

  2. House Industries launches Photo-Lettering

    We first wrote about the resurrection of PLINC’s iconic lettering library nearly two years ago. We are happy to announce it has finally launched!

  3. F*ck you. Pay me.

    Mike Monteiro of Mule Design delivers an epic talk at San Francisco’s Creative Mornings. A must-see for any designer who works with clients.

  4. Helvetica and the Subway

    Paul Shaw’s limited-edition book is republished, Michael Bierut reviews.

  5. Oil’d

    Chris Harmon marks the one year anniversary of the Gulf oil spill.

  6. From the printing press…

    Peter Hop­kins from Crane & Co. talks about the process of foil stamping.

  7. …to Khoi Vinh’s garbage can

    Mr. Vinh urges designers to stop mailing self-promotional material.

  8. Infographic of infographics

    With the growing popularity of infographics, Ivan Cash explores the trends, visual devices, and informational elements found in modern data visualization.

  9. The Isle of Knowledge

    Designer-letterer extraordinaire Marian Bantjes creates a fictional map of knowledge for UK illustration magazine Varoom.

  10. How to make a magazine

    Behind the scenes with the design team at Bloomberg Businessweek.

  11. Pentagram redesigns Adweek

    Pentagram’s Luke Hayman redesigns the advertising industry magazine.

  12. Did the “uncanny valley” kill Disney's CGI company?

    Walt Disney Studios closes ImageMovers Digital, production company behind creepy films like The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol.

  13. A for Aquaman, B for Batman

    Designer Fabian Gonzalez creates a typeface of superheros.

  14. An edible color palette

    idsgn explores the use of artificial color in food.

  15. Retrospective of Braun design

    Fuel takes a look at Braun’s influential design over the past 90 years.

  16. Joseph Selame, 1925 - 2011

    The prominent logo designer (Kodak, CVS, Goodwill) passes away at 86.

  17. Introducing Codex

    A new quarterly print magazine from I Love Typography.

  18. Gridbooks

    Notebooks made for web designers and advertising art directors.

  19. Paper record player

    The multi-talented Kelli Anderson designs a wedding invitation that’s also a record, and a record player. Check out the video.

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