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Monthly review, Vol. I

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March 2 2010

A study from the University of California suggests that an average American consumes 34 gigabytes of data each day. That’s a lot to sift through. Fortunately, the idsgn Monthly Review highlights the most important happenings over the past month so you don’t miss a thing…

Monthly review

  1. Mouse movements into modern art

    Made by Moscow-based designer Anatoly Zenkov, IOGraph (formerly known as MousePath) tracks your cursor’s every move and turns it into art.

  2. Designers help Haiti

    Designers lend a hand following the recent disaster in Haiti using ampersands, infographics, posters, and more posters (call for entry).

  3. AIGA Design Archives

    AIGA launches a highly anticipated (much-needed) redesign.

  4. Oscars of type

    Ellen Lupton introduces typography to the red carpet.

  5. Design discussions

    Paul Shaw uncovers the truth behind Helvetica & NYC’s subway.

  6. Valentine’s Day redesigned

    Our friends at Under Consideration transform cupid.

  7. Web FontFonts

    Finally, real fonts on the web! Courtesy of FontFont.

  8. A new look for Tonight

    Jay Leno returns, but his Tonight Show logo does not.

  9. Olympic pictograms through the ages

    Designer Steven Heller traces the evolution of the tiny symbols for each Olympic sport since their appearance in 1936.

  10. Making bananas (even more) fun

    Design Related interviews DJ Neff, the art director behind Chiquita’s playful new brand refresh. Neff injects a series of playful illustrations into the brand’s iconic blue stickers.

  11. Know your type

    Designed by an architect, and known today as the face of The New York Times, Cheltenham is the latest in our ‘Know your type’ series.

  12. Super Bowl XLIV

    We’ll admit it, we watch the Super Bowl mostly for the ads (one of our favorites came from Google). Related: new logo standards.

  13. Jamie wins the TED Prize

    Jamie Oliver wins with his wish to teach every child about food.

  14. MTV loses the music

    MTV drops “Music Television” from their logo.

  15. Sign out

    Joe Schulz’s photograph series strips down highway signs.

  16. State of the Internet

    Focus explains the Internet in one gigantic infographic.

  17. Overcoming creative block

    ISO50 asks Erik Spiekermann, Nicolas Felton, and others how to beat creative block.

  18. Transforming print

    Wired attempts to transform the magazine experience with their tablet/iPad concept.

  19. A city without billboards

    São Paulo, Brazil bans all outdoor advertising in an effort to rid the city of what the mayor calls “visual pollution.”

  20. Classic Esquire

    Designer George Lois tells the stories behind his twelve favorite classic Esquire covers.

  21. 10 worst name changes

    Xfinity (formerly Comcast) tops TIME’s worst name change list.

  22. Grammy-winning covers

    The album covers behind this year’s Grammy winners.

  23. Flaunt

    A new book on designing creative portfolios.

  24. The Brand Quiz

    How strongly do you associate colour and imagery with brands?

  25. From Curlz to Gotham

    Designer Jessica Hische illustrates how her taste in type has evolved.

  26. And then there was salsa

    Tositos take over Vimeo, in an ad by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

  27. BBC redesign

    BBC goes behind the scenes on their new “global visual language.”

  28. Willy Wonka’s color palette

    Sean Adams explains what Oompa Loompas can teach us about color.

  29. Layer Tennis, a new season

    For the first time in Layer Tennis history, a typeface was designed live in fifteen minute increments.

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