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Monthly review, Vol. II

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April 2 2010


  1. Logorama wins an Oscar

    French collective H5 brings logo design to Hollywood and takes home an Academy Award for Best Animated Short with their film, Logorama. The animated short was formed entirely out of iconic brand logos, taking six years to create.

  2. MoMA acquires the @

    The Museum of Modern Art acquires the @ symbol into its collection.

  3. Penguin Classics + (RED)

    Penguin Classics join forces with (RED) for typographic book covers.

  4. An important moment in graphic design

    Milton Glaser became the first ever graphic designer to win the National Medal of Arts, presented by President Barack Obama.

  5. Taking the beige out of middle school

    Pentagram’s Paula Scher transforms a Brooklyn middle school with “a little paint and some bold typography.”

  6. Design for the people is not dead

    Throughout history graphic designers have made great contributions to the socially relevant issues of their time.

  7. Redesigning the ‘Uncola’

    Pepsi continues to rebrand their troubled Sierra Mist soft drink.

  8. My way

    Illustrator Christoph Niemann puts a playful spin on Google Maps.

  9. Animated GIF paranoia

    Subtitled ‘an animated GIF paranoia about nonstop design workers,’ I'm Not an Artist features 56 animated GIFs directed by Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper. The site also encourages participation from creatives all over the world.

  10. From sea to shining sea

    Philadelphia’s The Heads of State release a limited travel screenprint poster series featuring popular U.S. cities.

  11. Typographer at Law

    Steven Heller interviews Matthew Butterick, typographer turned lawyer.

  12. The World of Logotypes

    Aqua-Velvet’s highlights from the mid-70s The World of Logotypes.

  13. Mixing fonts

    The type experts at H&FJ reveal how fonts can work together.

  14. How to make love to your type

    The latest promo from New York’s Type Directors Club raises eyebrows.

  15. Box Bottle Bag

    Box Bottle Bag is a new book that showcases the best in modern packaging design from the popular blog The Dieline.

  16. Creative Review redesign

    The UK-based design magazine has been completely redesigned with a new size, new paper, new typography, and a new logo.

  17. Countdown to Creative Suite 5

    Adobe Photoshop CS5 will include new features like Content-Aware Fill, but some would prefer a simple glyphs panel.

  18. Photoshop, the verb

    Michael Johnson provides a brief history on photo-retouching.

  19. Validate your ego

    The Art Directors Club is now accepting entries for Young Guns 8.

  20. The story of ‘O’

    John Crace discusses how the letter ‘O’ is used in desgin.

  21. To the moon

    A new space agency is launched… and critiqued by designers.

  22. The dark side

    Designers turn off the lights and take part in Earth Hour 2010.

  23. Neighborhood infographics

    Fact: the entire U.S. population could live in New Hampshire.

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