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May 5 2010


  1. America starts a war on PowerPoint

    PowerPoint has crept into the daily lives of U.S. military commanders, The New York Times uncovers why some are starting to ban the Microsoft software. Commanders say there are serious concerns that the program stifles discussion, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making—in the words of Marine Corps General James Mattis, “PowerPoint makes us stupid.”

  2. Abracadabra, Apple’s ‘magical’ iPad is here

    The highly-anticipated iPad has finally arrived. What does this mean for designers? Check out idsgn’s first impressions.

  3. Adobe launches Creative Suite 5

    Beneath a mountain of new features, the suite receives a brand refresh.

  4. Rebranding Chrysler

    After a disappointing relaunch, four designers re-imagine the brand.

  5. Steve Jobs vs. Flash

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs shares his thoughts on Adobe Flash (while the government explores an antitrust inquiry).

  6. Is Archer’s use on target?

    Since Hoefler & Frere-Jones released Archer two years ago, the typeface has become a designer favorite… but is it being used correctly?

  7. Award-winning packaging

    Our friends at The Dieline reveal the winners of the first Dieline Awards.

  8. Tiger returns to golf (and ads)

    Tiger Woods’ first post-scandal ad for Nike. Too soon?


    8-bit creatures invade New York City in this short film by Patrick Jean, produced by One More Production.

  10. Rethinking possible

    AT&T launches a new “Rethink Possible” advertising campaign by BBDO. The company also tries to drop the name from their logo (a la Nike).

  11. The trustworthiness of beards

    In response to an article from GOOD, graphic designer Matt McInerney charts the trustworthiness of a person (based solely on beard style).

  12. Print’s 20 Under 30

    Print Magazine highlights 20 up-and-coming artists under 30.

  13. Ampersand Identification Chart

    A letterpress print based on the Snellen eye chart by Douglas Wilson.

  14. Up There

    Up There is a short film on the dying art of hand-painted advertising and the artists behind it. Watch it in full online.

  15. Combining type with Helvetica

    Indra Kupferschmid, German typographer and co-author of Helvetica Forever, shares her favorite Helvetica companions.

  16. Eames Century Modern

    House Industries honors the aesthetic of Charles and Ray Eames with the release of its new Eames Century Modern fonts collection.

  17. Birds of a feather

    Logo Design Love uncovers the top secret formula behind airline logos: a bird in a circle.

  18. Around the world in 80 seconds

    In a tribute to the famous Jules Verne’s book Le Tour du Monde en 80 Jours, Romain Pergeaux and Alex Profit take us on an 80 second journey.

  19. Around the world in 10 volleys

    From Portland to Tokyo, Layer Tennis takes around the world with 10 images by 10 artists. Also check out the 2010 preseason video.

  20. Dalí pops

    Steven Heller on the Salvador Dalí-designed Chupa Chups logo.

  21. Typeface (the film)

    The documentary by Justine Nagan is now available for pre-order.

  22. The not-so Random House

    The history behind the publisher’s logo, dating back to 1928.

  23. Designing for the iPad

    Are we designing desktop programs, web sites, or something entirely new?

  24. Grown in the lab

    Creative Review creates cell-level typography for its May cover.

  25. Brand New in the classroom

    Brand New Classroom launches to showcase and critique student work.

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