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Monthly review, Vol. VI

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August 11 2010


  1. ‘See America’

    In time for summer vacation, National Geographic digs up a collection of vintage U.S. Parks posters from the Library of Congress.

  2. Summer crafts

    Creative Review’s August issue lets you relive the best part of summer camp—craft time! Complete with ‘designer’ paper dolls and pinhole cameras.

  3. Design love

    idsgn interviews 5 creative couples that live, work, and design together.

  4. A glass half full

    Positive Posters asks designers to look on the bright side.

  5. Creative Characters

    MyFonts’ wonderful interview series is now available in book-form.

  6. The Darwin Chair

    Stefan Sagmeister designs a chair with 230 tear-away patterns.

  7. Contrabrand

    Taryn Simon documents strange cargo at JFK in a new book and exhibition.

  8. A real web design app?

    Jason Santa Maria creates a wishlist for a better web design application.

  9. The Branding Comedy

    Inspired by The Divine Comedy, Daniela Meloni’s The Branding Comedy explores the afterlife of popular brands in Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise.

  10. Design to discourage

    Designer and recent BFA graduate Erik Askin takes a theoretical look at designing inefficient packaging.

  11. The perfect pour

    Ever wonder how to make a proper long black? Or the perfect macchiato? Plaid’s Perfect Pour is an infographic guide to the complex world of coffee.

  12. Brand New Conference

    A one-day event from our friends at UnderConsideration, Nov. 5 in NYC.

  13. Helvetica killer?

    Creative Review speaks with Bruno Maag on Aktiv Grotesk.

  14. Urbanized

    Gary Hustwit reveals the third film in his design trilogy.

  15. The rise of ‘luxury’ books

    WSJ explores the emerging trend of elaborate publishing.

  16. 8Faces

    A new print magazine for devotees of typography.

  17. Comic Sans in the media

    Comic Sans makes headlines following Dan Gilbert’s rant on LeBron James.

  18. Comic Sans 2010!?

    …meanwhile the typeface everyone loves to hate is refreshed for 2010—along with contemporaries Impact and Trebuchet.

  19. FontFonter

    FontFonter lets you test out webfonts from FontFont on any website.

  20. Pulling the cheese

    Dominos takes us behind the scenes of a pizza photo shoot.

  21. Imprint

    Print magazine introduces Imprint, a new blog lead by Steven Heller.

  22. Inspiration Pad

    Inspiration Pad puts a twist on the notebook.

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