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Monthly review, Vol. VII

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September 8 2010


  1. The future of web fonts is sooner than it used to be

    The future of typography is “all about screen fonts,” says TypeCon 2010 keynote speaker Roger Black. Around 400 type lovers attended the annual typography conference in Los Angeles to discuss the future of web fonts. Imprint sums up what you might have missed.

  2. Webtype launches

    Font Bureau, Ascender, and others bring professional fonts to the web.

  3. Adobe partners with Typekit

    Adobe and Typekit bring popular typefaces to the web, finally!

  4. Revealed world

    National Geographic explores the future of augmented reality.

  5. Future of the Internet

    Smashing Magazine looks at the evolution of the World Wide Web.

  6. Redesigning the U.S. bank note

    Design studio Dowling Duncan re-imagines the the U.S. dollar.

  7. Mad Men wins Emmy (again)

    Mad Men picks up third consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

  8. Bringing Bliss to non-speakers

    Cheryl Yau explores Blissymbols, an international auxiliary language that brought many people a voice they otherwise would not have.

  9. Sound mapping in New York City

    Mark Edward Campos, an Architecture student at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, visualizes ambient sound recorded over a 24-hour timeframe in New York City.

  10. Virgin Atlantic announce new identity

    Virgin Atlantic unveils a new identity designed by London’s Circus and Johnson Banks.

  11. United/Continental logo mash-up

    Meanwhile, United and Continental airline mash their company logos into a new identity following the airline merger.

  12. Award-winning design

    idsgn highlights identity and print design from Cannes Lions 2010.

  13. The Wilderness Downtown

    Indie band Arcade Fire team up with Google for an interactive music video.

  14. Web Font Awards

    A new ceremony to celebrate the web’s newfound typographic freedom.

  15. Design doesn’t have to sell…

    Designer/illustrator Frank Chimero gives advice to design students.

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