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November 22 2010


I’m always excited to take a good look at the winners of the ADC Young Guns awards and, of course, scope out the competition.

I honestly think each year keeps getting better, more diverse, and maybe even younger. I enjoy seeing more and more young design with a basis in ideas and not just style, design that communicates in provocative ways, emotional ways and, of course, funny ways. It is extremely difficult to select just a few from this amazing class but I managed to choose eight of my personal favorites to talk with. I’ve asked questions that hopefully give some insight into the minds of these designers and maybe even reveal a few secrets for us to learn from.

Stayed tuned throughout the week for brief interviews with:

Chris Rubino is a New York City-based artist/designer whose work has been exhibited in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and the U.S. He likes to spend his vacations in the desert and has been in a number of motorcycle accidents. He would very much like to meet Lawrence Weiner one day. Visit his work at

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By Chris Rubino