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Fresh & hungry: Tomas Mankovsky

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November 24 2010


Tomas Mankovsky is a director based in London, UK and our third Fresh & Hungry subject.

CHRIS RUBINO: You are the only director I picked from this year’s class, I think it’s really evident that you have a background in graphic design, do you feel that foundation has effected your career as a director?

TOMAS MANKOVSKY: Yeah I studied graphic design and advertising at college and after that I worked for five years at an ad agency. I guess it made me think in a visual and conceptual way so when I moved onto films my mind was already damaged. Having that background always keeps me looking for ‘the idea’ and then trying to squeeze as much out of it as possible.

Well I think your advertising-related brain damage is doing wonders for you. Saying that, your recent pieces seem to start to break from traditional commercial advertising and move more into the world of film, are you interested in exploring this space commercially or do you see yourself dropping on Hollywood?

I've only been directing for 1.5 years so it’s still quite new to me and I’d like to try out and explore as many things as possible before making some kind of plan. It’s like going back to school again so I’m reading a lot, filming a lot, and absorbing a lot. Once the pot is full I’ll see what kind of stuff is most fun, that’s the most important bit—fun. I'd love to make a feature at one point in my life but now is not that time. But I might explore the storytelling side in a few short films or promos quite soon.


I worked for five years at an ad agency… it made me think in a visual and conceptual way so when I moved onto films my mind was already damaged.

That is something I’d really like to see you pursue. What are you currently working on? I always like to hear about the newest projects, it’s when designers are at their best.

In a short perspective I'll be making more promos, commercials and short films. I’m just finishing a very fun project, a ‘in camera’ commercial with a Swedish agency and after that I'll try to shoot a promo with a highly visual idea I’ve had for a long time. There’s so much things on the to do list, but so little time…

That seems to be the biggest stress for all of us. Thank you Tomas.

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