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Monthly review, Vol. XII

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February 7 2011


  1. Typefaces of the world

    Designed by Shelby White, Typefaces of the World is a visualization of 50 of the most commonly used typefaces in design today. The poster (which you can pre-order now) shows information including the year, location, and designer of each typeface featured.

  2. MoMA adds 23 typefaces to its collection

    The Museum of Modern Art acquires 23 typefaces (including Verdana, Gotham, and FF Meta), giving Helvetica some company in its collection.

  3. Top fonts of 2010

    Font retailer MyFonts compiles a list of the most popular typefaces over the past year, based on actual sales.

  4. Design = music

    Thomas Wilder explores how the fields of design and music cross paths and fuel each other.

  5. Things Real People Don’t Say…

    …About Advertising is a parody on new media advertising.

  6. Should I work for free?

    Ready to stop working for free? Jessica Hische put together this handy chart to lead the way.

  7. Logoland

    The Economist explores consumer backlash after Starbucks’ rebrand.

  8. The State of Wikipedia

    Created by JESS3 as part of their ongoing ‘State Of’ project, this digital short looks into the evolution of the ever-popular free encyclopedia.

  9. Rio 2016

    Rio unveils the logo for the 2016 Summer Olympics. See how it has evolved from the candidacy logo we saw a few years ago.

  10. Creative Mornings

    Creative Mornings, the monthly breakfast lecture series from swissmiss, now has chapters in New York, Zurich, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

  11. The Shape of Design

    Frank Chimero uses Kickstarter to (successfully) fund his book idea.

  12. Just in Time

    Just in Time is book printed through a chain of four printers from four eras.

  13. Pink Ponies

    What if ad agencies planned kids’ birthday parties?

  14. Sorry, we’re closed

    When the stores close, Erik Holmberg grabs his camera.

  15. NBCUniversal goes minimal

    NBCUniversal unveils a new logo sans-peacock (and globe).

  16. 3D debunked

    Roger Ebert says why 3D doesn't work and never will for movies.

  17. Victore

    Hillman Curtis directs a commercial for James Vitore’s new book.

  18. A new Print

    The February issue of Print magazine marks a new design.

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