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TextEdit music video

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April 17 2009

San Francisco-based band Boy In Static have just released a new music video for their song “Toy Baby Grand.” The video was created using Apple's TextEdit with nothing but freely available animated GIFs and some brightly colored type.

From the band:

This video grew out of some quick “Eureka!” moments Philip had when pasting animated GIF’s into Textedit. (For PC folks, Textedit is Mac’s built-in text editor. And for the non-nerds, animated GIF’s are sort of an outdated image format from the early web days in the 90’s, when they were commonly used as icons of waving american flags and flaming torch headers.) We scourged free clip art sites, rounding up our favorite strolling polar bears, motorcycle riders, 3-d popsicles.

The raw footage was captured like a performance in Textedit. We copied, pasted, scrolled, deleted, all in sync with the music. The final result is a bit of an homage to the early days of “Web Art,” and also takes some inspiration from 70’s Op Art.

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By Skylar Challand