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Disney goes vinyl

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April 27 2009

Mickey Mouse is jumping on designer toy bandwagon. On a recent trip to Disney World, I came across Vinylmation, a new series of 3" vinyl "designer" toys (which stood out among the typical Disney souvenirs). The toys which appear to be inspired by Kid Robot's infamous Dunny, feature the iconic Mickey Mouse silhouette with unique designs from the artists at Disney Design Group and Imagineering.

Disney's Vinylmation toys

Vinylmation was first introduced in 2008 as a series of pins, featuring a few of the same designs from the first series. The toys are now available in 5 series—Parks 1 & 2, Urban 1 & 2, and a Holiday series—each featuring 12 collectible designs in blind packages. Inside each box, you'll find a small collectors card along with the vinyl which is stamped with the artist's signature. A few additional designs are also available in 9" form, along with a blank version for DIYers. 

The question is: will vinyl toy collectors embrace the Mouse? And will Mickey-fanatics embrace the designer toy phenomenon?

Vinylmation Urban #1

"Cheese" Mickey by Randy Noble

Vinylmation Park 1 & 2

Vinylmation: Urban 1 & 2

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By Skylar Challand