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Crispin Porter + Bogusky launch experimental site

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July 1 2009

Advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, known for pushing boundaries in their work, have launched an experimental new website. In their own words: “Part agency website, part digital experiment.”

CPB's beta website

The new website (which is currently in ‘beta’) removes most of the content seen on traditional websites and replaces it with social media feeds from Twitter, YouTube, blogs and news related to the agency and 8 of their top clients—which read like a who's who of American brands: Microsoft, Volkswagen, Burger King, Old Navy, Domino's Pizza, Coca-Cola, Guitar Hero, and Hulu.

We like to think of it less like a site and more like a giant digital fishing net. [The website] gathers everything that's relevant about us and our clients. The good, the bad, the mildy unnerving.

CPB claims they have no control over the public content (you can see our ‘tweet’ in the screenshot above), leaving it open to show the public's praise and harsh criticism at the same time. A risky move perhaps, but nothing new for an agency who's been at the forefront of criticism (again and again).

Check it out at

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By Skylar Challand