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When life gives you lemons

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August 18 2009


…make a documentary film about it. After being laid off three times in less than ten years, that’s what former advertising copywriter Erik Proulx has done.

Lemonade is a documentary that exposes some of the 70,000 advertising professionals who have lost their jobs in this recession. Following a selection of the (un)fortunate ones, the film sets out to find out what happens when former advertising creatives are forced to be creative with their own lives. Some have rekindled with their family, started new businesses, or even left the ad world altogether for new opportunities. “I got laid off and I'm finally doing something that I think matters,” says former creative director Kurtis Glade in the film’s trailer (click above to watch).

The film is set to be released in late September, streaming free on the web. Interestingly, a decision which automatically disqualifies it from entering documentary competitions. But as Proulx (who also runs Please Feed The Animals) tells Fast Company“The more people who have lost jobs that can click and see it the better. I'd rather have a million laid-off viewers than 500 at a film festival.”

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By Skylar Challand