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Interview Project

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June 8 2009

Interview Project

David Lynch's Interview Project is a documentary road trip across the United States, offering a fascinating look into the lives of 121 different people along the way. 

The online series is currently in its third episode, with a new 3-4 minute interview released every three days over the next year. The filming took place over 70 days (and 20,000 miles), directed by Austin Lynch (David Lynch's son) and Jason S. Subjects were randomly found driving along roads, going into bars and different locations, and asked to share their personal story.

In the first 3 episodes we meet some rather interesting people: Jess in Needles, California (found sitting on the side of the road waiting for his trailer to be repaired so he could go live alone in the desert), Tommie in Kingman, Arizona (who is waiting to start a new life with his girlfriend after she shot her ex-lover with a machine gun), and Kee in Tuba City, Arizona (whose sister had sliced his face with a knife, and once dressed in high heels). A strange, yet compelling start to what should turn out to be an amazing documentary series.

Interview Project: Jess, Tommie, and Kee (L-R)

The trailer:

Watch Interview Project (fourth episode coming this Wednesday)

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By Skylar Challand