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Monthly review, Vol. XIX

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September 4 2011


  1. PBS on Typography

    In episode 2 of the new web series Off Book, PBS talks to Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Pentagram, and Hyperakt on type and infographic design.

  2. Fauxgo

    Tymn Armstrong collects fictional logos used in film and television.

  3. It’s almost…

    Summer is almost over, but It’s Almost makes the count down fun.

  4. Designers vs. Coding

    Should designers learn how to code? Frank Chimero says <yes>.

  5. London Tube map redesigned

    Designer Mark Noad takes on Harry Beck’s legendary London Tube map, making it more geographically accurate (and stirring controversy).

  6. Put some Helvetica on it

    Designer Felipe Nuno says “Brazil needs more Helvetica.” Try Helvetica does just that, replacing local vernacular with the Swiss typeface. Results vary.

  7. Ground control to Major Tom

    Bowie’s “Space Oddity” reimagined as a kid’s book (until lawyers step in).

  8. Hipster Ipsum

    Forget Gangsta Ipsum, the flavor of the week is Hipster.

  9. The art of clean up

    Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli neatly rearranges scenes of disorder.

  10. Inker Linker

    Jessica Hische compiles a list of printers for your next design project.

  11. Movie poster controversies

    Flavorpill discusses 10 memorable movie poster controversies, from classics like The Outlaw to the forthcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  12. There’s more to Jim Henson than Kermit

    idsgn explores Henson’s 1965 experimental side-project which earned him an Academy Award nomination.

  13. New type at Central Park

    New York’s Central Park updates their signage using Titling Gothic.

  14. Where Children Sleep

    James Mollison documents life of kids around the world in his new book.

  15. What’s popular in 2011

    From Harry Potter to Moshi Monsters, Business Week presents their 2011 Popularity issue online.

  16. Codeacademy

    Codeacademy helps you learn how to code websites and more.

  17. Taste the rainbow

    The Skittles brand book offers a (strange) peak into its branding.

  18. Kelloggs vs. Mayan non-profit

    Froot Loops maker threatens Mayan initiative over Toucan logo.

  19. New Diet Coke

    Turner Duckworth makes over Diet Coke (on Coke’s 125th anniversary).

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