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idsgn is a new blog about the things we see and enjoy
(or sometimes hate) as designers.

We like to talk about graphic design, branding, typography, and sometimes we might post a video or two. Grab our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter where we post the extra bits that don't make it here.

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Thank you…

Special thank you to the following people for their support early on:
Armin @ Under Consideration, Rich @ House Industries, Font Shop (we were a June 2009 Staff Pick!), Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Dustin Curtis, Jason Santa Maria, Andrew @ The Dieline

...and huge thanks to following for featuring our articles and spreading the word:
New York Times, Daring Fireball, Design ObserverCoudal Partners, The Morning News, Fast Company, The Gothamist, Engadget, Brand New, How DesignCameron MollDesign Related, The Hapiness Machine, Kitsune NoirQBN, Undrln, Site Inspire, Minimalsites, Surfstaton, Smashing Magazine, Inspired Magazine, Best Web Gallery, Pattern Tap, FFFFound, the nice people on Twitter, and everybody else we missed.